As if a Blues CD from Maine wasn’t unique enough (we’ve seen 3 in 16 years) this disc is by a female, sax-blowing vocalist, who also plays guitar and trombone!  Uniqueness aside, Pat Pepin is also a fine singer and songwriter who has produced a tight, easy-rockin’ Blues album.  


Opening track, “Can’t Be Satisfied” typifies the album with its’ dancin’, medium tempo groove with a sublime sax solo from Pat and excellent piano and organ courtesy Bob Colwell.   It slides into Track #2; “Don’t Call Me Baby (Baby)”, another dance-inducing medium tempo Blues with a hot tenor sax solo.


 “Can’t Take It With You” is one of the finest New Orleans funeral marches to ever come from outside of The Big Easy.  It’s obvious that Pat knows her music and there are lots of great horns (Angela Plato on trumpet) as she handles tenor and soprano sax and trombone, and there’s even banjo courtesy Steve Jones


“Long Haul Trucker (In It For The Long Haul)” picks it up a few notches and rocks like crazy with Pat Colwell blistering out an ass-kicker of a guitar solo.  This one is guaranteed to bring dance-floor mayhem.  “Why Me” is one of the few non-originals, but it’s relatively obscure and Pat makes this humorous Blues her own.  “Sneakin’ Suspicion” takes us back to New Orleans and this rumba-rocker would do well on the Shag Market in the Carolinas as it captures your hips and don’t let go. 


By now it’s evident that Pepin has far more talents than dozens of better-known female Caucasian Blues artists.  The real test comes with “Sunday Kind Of Love” and she scores big points with relaxed vocals and moody sax work.  Very few other artists could pull this one off.  One can easily picture her bringing a Festival crowd to their feet. 


“Left Me Lonely” is a funk-Blues with an excellent groove and proof again that Pepin can create excellent material.  This is another Shag Market hit and I had to get up and dance to this one.  “Ain’t What You Got” is another dance-inducer that tackles the issue of skinny women.  It’s obvious Pat Pepin has been playing to audiences that love to dance and she really delivers. 


The closing ‘bonus Novelty track’ is “Living At Walmart”, a number that should be a Country Radio Hit (it’s already a big You-tube favorite!).  Great humorous lyrics and get-to-steppin’ rhythms. 


Pat Pepin is one of the finest ‘new’ artists we’ve heard in the last few years and this CD is a gem.  Excellent tunes and first-rate playing should, by rights, catapult Pat Pepin on to the Festival Circuit, the Shag Market and Country Radio (as well as Blues Radio!)  5 Big Bottles for a killer-diller collection of REAL music.  Let us hope that Pat becomes a household name in North American Blues.


…A.  Grigg, Real Blues Magazine, Feb 2010



Real Blues Magazine ANNUAL AWARDS ISSUE/BEST OF 2009

“I have some good news; we picked "In It For the Long Haul" as

2009 Top East Coast Blues Album/Female Artist.

Congratulations!!” -  Andy Grigg