In It For The Long Haul

Written by Greg Johnson Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pat Pepin

    You’ve heard the expression, “Live the life you love and love the life you live”? Well, if there is anybody who leads their life by those words any truer than Pat Pepin, I’ve certainly not come across them as of yet. I have known Pat for about eight years and in that time I have come to know her as not only as a talented musician and somebody that is extremely fun to hang around with, but also as somebody who just cannot get enough of performing, constantly looking for the next jam or gig as soon as one ends. If possible, I believe the girl would go 24-hours-a-day, non-stop giving you everything that she’s got.
    I’ve been told before that you should never do reviews of your friend’s releases, because you just cannot be objective. I disagree. What’s more, if I didn’t do reviews of my friends, how else can I spread the word of their outstanding product. And with Pat Pepin, her latest CD, In It For The Long Haul, is more than deserving to be heard. As I write this, it has been selected as one of the four finalist in The Blues Foundation’s 2010 Best Self-Produced CD competition and a new video for her song “Living At Wal-Mart” that is storming through with plays and downloads. That song is a really fun and perhaps dead-on description of Pat’s life on the road, as she is constantly on the move in her “Lil RV” from gig to gig, and probably making good use of Wal-Mart’s open free overnight camping policy. It’s also an extra bonus track on the CD.
    That song, besides being humorous, is also a good example of how crafty Pat is as a songwriter. She has a way with a pen that can be both good-natured and heart-wrenching. Most of the tracks on In It For The Long Haul are her own, including the opening number “Can’t Be Satisfied” which was co-written by the wonderful E.G. Kight. The song’s guitar lines blend beautifully with her voice and are only accentuated more when Pat brings her saxophone into the mix. Tunes jump from deep blues to New Orleans flavored second line material like “Can’t Take It With You,” perhaps a little hidden innuendo on “Long Haul Trucker,” the perk and bouncy “Sneaky Suspicion,” and funky-riffed “Left Me Lonely.” Even the three cover tracks Pat brings across with nice renditions, the fun-paced “This Dress” and the extraordinary take on the classic “Sunday Kind of Love” that’s just oozing with sex appeal. All in all, Pat Pepin has a sensational CD here that is fun and well crafted. Go out and pick it up and enjoy it over and over. Just don’t be surprised when you start singing along with “Living At Wal-Mart.”

Total Time: 42:55
Can’t Be Satisfied / Don’t Call Me Baby (Baby) / Can’t Take It With You / Long Haul Trailer / ‘Till Death Do Us Part / This Dress / Why Me / Sneaking Suspicion / Sunday Kind Of Love / Left Me Lonely / Ain’t What You Got / Living At Wal-Mart